PRICE WARS: Book to be published in 2021

Updated: Apr 22

I'm thrilled that Weidenfeld and Nicolson (Orion/Hachette) will be publishing my first book: Price Wars. The accompanying documentary film will air on Art in Europe and ARD/SWR in Germany in 2021 as well.

The book will take the reader on my improbable and often insane journey through the chaos that has errupted across the world, from the front line of the war in Ukraine to the UN mission in Iraq to the climate wars in Kenya and Somalia to hyperinflation in Venezuela to the U.S. border crisis. Through this journey, I explore the maze of the international commodity markets that bind them all together and expose how specualtive bets on the prices of wheat, oil, and coffee have created butterfly effects that triggered waves of destruction.


© 2019 by Rupert Russell.

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