Our premiere at Sheffield Doc/Fest was a great success. We sold out for both screenings.

I had a great in depth discussion about the film in Tudor Square with filmmaker Rajesh Thind.

I gave several press interviews for the film, including this extended one for State of the Arts.

And we made the top ten lists of both The Huffington Post and Little White Lies.

Proud to announce that my documentary feature Freedom for the Wolf will be premiering at Sheffield Doc/Fest on June 12, 2017. Also, our Executive Producer, Nick Fraser, formerly of BBC Storyville and now of Yaddo, just won a BAFTA.

FREEDOM FOR THE WOLF, the powerful documentary debut from writer and director Rupert Russell will receive its UK premiere at the 2017 Sheffield International Documentary Festival on 12 June with a second public screening on 13 June.

Democracy is in crisis. A new generation of elected leaders are dismantling freedom and democracy as we know it.

Filmed over three years in five countries, FREEDOM FOR THE WOLF is an epic investigation into this new regime. From the young students of Hong Kong; to a rapper in post-Arab Spring Tunisia and the viral comedians of Bollywood, we discover how people from every corner of the globe are fighting the same struggle. They are fighting against elected leaders who trample on human rights, minorities, and their political opponents.

Donald Trump is the latest and perhaps most dangerous to assume power.

Philosopher Isaiah Berlin warned against this political hijacking long ago, “freedom for the wolves has often meant death for the sheep.”

Now the wolves are on the rise. Can they be defeated?

A ground-breaking original statement on the status of quo of global politics, FREEDOM FOR THE WOLF is the first film that provides the global context for understanding the Trump phenomenon.

FREEDOM FOR THE WOLF is produced by Camilla Hall and Patrick Hamm who recently completed COPWATCH. Executive Producers include Nick Fraser (MAN ON WIRE, PUSSY RIOT: A PUNK PRAYER, NOTES ON BLINDNESS) and Stephen Robert Morse (AMANDA KNOX).

I did an interview with Paul Gallagher of DangerousMinds, who also reviewed the film.

The issues of freedom and democracy are at the heart of a new feature-length documentary by writer and director Rupert Russell. His film Freedom for the Wolf is epic in scale—covering events on four continents—finely made, thoughtful and nuanced. It examines how different people across the world—from Tunisian rappers to Indian comedians, from America’s #BlackLivesMatter activists to Hong Kong’s students—are joining the struggle for “the world’s most radical idea—freedom—and how it is transforming the world.”

Rupert Russell has made a highly original and thought-provoking film. It examines the dangerous rise in illiberal democracies which is not just happening in China or Tunisia or India but here in the West in the ‘home of the free and the brave.’

You can read the whole (long!) piece here.

Freedom for the Wolf was featured in the New York Times today:

Ayear has passed since the police fired tear gas on pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong, setting off a huge sit-in protest movement that took control of a large portion of the center of the city for more than two months, generating headlines the world over and shocking the Communist Party leaders in Beijing.

The Umbrella Movement, named for the shields that protesters used to defend themselves against tear gas and pepper spray, now belongs to the ages, its meaning and significance to be slowly digested by scholars and filmmakers for years to come.

A new documentary, “Freedom for the Wolf,” set for release next year, brings academia and movie making together, featuring the Hong Kong protests as an essential part of a global struggle against the rise of “illiberal democracy” — what the director, Rupert Russell, who has a doctorate in sociology from Harvard, calls “voting without rights.”

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UBER LIVES: Featured in Mashable

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Coverage of the Uber Lives: LA web series on Mashable today:

Two decades ago, Alireza moved to Los Angeles and began building up a menswear business. Pants, shirts, shoes — all manufactured and sold in the United States. He had loyal customers. He had more than 150 employees. He had a livelihood.

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UBER LIVES: Featured on USA Today

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Uber Lives: LA was a pick of the week in the print edition of USA Today.