Rupert is a director working in documentary, web series, commercials and music video. His first feature documentary, Freedom for the Wolf, premiered at Sheffield Doc/Fest 2017. Filmed in five countries and executive produced by BBC Storyville founder Nick Fraser, it tells the story of the global crisis of democracy from the Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong to the failure of Arab Spring in Tunisia to the rise of Donald Trump in America. He is currently working on a series of animated shorts on “How the World Went Mad” and embraced right-wing populism for the online documentary streaming platform Yaddo. His work has been featured in The New York Times, Dangerous Minds, State of the ArtsUSA Today, and Mashable.

Rupert received a Double-Starred First in the Social and Political Sciences from the Jesus College, Cambridge, and a PhD from Harvard University in Sociology, where he was National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow. After graduating, he returned to film industry, which he worked in first as a small child. He has kept his academic eye for detail as well as his passion for big ideas with global impacts.